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Lutherhaus Eisenach, painting of the young Martin Luther as a choir boy singing before Ursula Cotta

Luther in Eisenach

Martin Luther grew up in Mansfeld but spent the most important years of his schooling in Eisenach: He attended St. George’s Latin School in Eisenach from 1498 to 1501 in preparation for attending the University of Erfurt.

Since his family originally came from Thuringia (his mother from Eisenach and his father from Möhra, just twenty kilometers away from Eisenach), he lived with relatives at first. Luther initially earned his keep as a choirboy, just as Johann Sebastian Bach did later, and was eventually taken in by the influential Cotta and Schalbe families with whom he, among others, lived in what is now the Lutherhaus.

Luther’s schooldays were some of the most formative and happiest years of his youth. Later in life, he fondly recalled the time he spent in his “beloved city”. Years later, Luther made world history in Eisenach: He translated the New Testament at Wartburg Castle in just eleven weeks, creating not only a bestseller but also the foundation of written German. Learn why, how and with whom Luther translated the Bible in our permanent exhibition “Luther and the Bible”. We’re waiting for you!

More information is available in our museum guide or the overview of “The Lutherhaus in Eisenach” on our website.