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Hours and admission prices

Thanks for stopping by! We love seeing you and we tell you when here. We will also inform you about short-notice changes to our hours and about special hours (e.g., in December and January) here.


Tuesday through Sunday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed Mondays
We are open on Sundays and holidays, except during our holiday vacation from December 24 through January 31.


For the permanent and special exhibition (combined admission)

Adults € 10
Groups per person € 9
Discount* € 8
School groups € 6 per person
Families (up to two adults + their children/grandchildren**) € 20

Permanent exhibition only

Adults € 8
Groups € 7 per person
Discount* € 6
School groups € 5 per person
Families (up to two adults + their children/grandchildren**) € 16

Special exhibition only

Adults € 5
Groups € 4.50 per person
Discount* € 4
School groups € 3.50 per person
Families (up to two adults + their children/grandchildren**) € 10

Combined Luther ticket

Admission to the permanent exhibition (and courtyard) + single day ticket for every Zone A bus line (download flyer)

Adults € 10
Discount* € 7
Families (up to two adults + their children/grandchildren**) € 25

* Discounts are given to school students, professional interns, civilian service volunteers (BFD, FSJ), college students (26 or younger), and people with severe disabilities who are reliant on a personal assistant (German disability identification category B)
** 16 or younger


You can’t miss the Lutherhaus: It is located right in the heart of Eisenach, Luther’s “beloved city”! How to reach us:


Lutherplatz 8, 99817 Eisenach, Germany

With mass transit:

Bus line 3 ("Luthershuttle"), “Lutherhaus” bus stop right at the museum

By bike:

Several bike racks right at the Lutherhaus

By car:

Parking with a handicapped space right in front of the museum on Lutherplatz. Other parking: “Am Markt” parking garage (Hinter der Mauer 3, 99817 Eisenach), “Tor zur Stadt” parking garage (Bahnhofstrasse 8–16, 99817 Eisenach), Bachhaus parking lot (Frauenplan 2, 99817 Eisenach), “Alte Brauerei” parking lot (Wartburgallee 25a, 99817 Eisenach)

By tour bus:

Bus stop on Lutherstrasse right at the museum (drop off/pick up only; bus parking lot on Frauenplan): Use the combined Luther ticket to visit the Lutherhaus Eisenach and use public transportation for one whole day.