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Vision of Ezekiel in a bible of the 16th century

Luther 2021/22: 500 Years of the Luther Bible

Martin Luther translated the New Testament at Wartburg between Christmas of 1521 and the spring of 1522, thus laying both the cornerstone of his world-famous translation of the Bible and the foundation of the modern German language. This is cause for us to celebrate “500 Years of the Luther Bible” properly at the Lutherhaus Eisenach in the year 2022! Among other things, you can expect:

  • our updated multi-award-winning permanent exhibition “Luther and the Bible“: everything about Luther’s famous translation of the Bible with new attractions,
  • the sculpture man in a cube by the world-famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei: an exceptional artistic treatment of Luther and his work,
  • our successful special exhibition “Study and Eradication. The Church’s ‘Dejudaization Institute’, 1939–1945”: how Nazi-theologians misused Luther and “dejudaized” his Bible
  • Print the Luther Bible yourself: Operate a historic printing press and illuminate your own page of the Luther Bible. Also discover other museum education programs covering the Reformation era.
  • Luther Bible events and guided tours,
  • The Wartburg-Experiment: a fascinating literary experiment with prominent authors supported by the Lutherhaus Eisenach and other partners

By the way, a visit to the Lutherhaus is a perfect preparation for a visit to Wartburg Castle: Our equally informative and entertaining introduction to the “Luther Bible” optimizes your experience of the original sites of Luther’s translation of the Bible at the castle!