Inspection report:

Lutherhaus Eisenach was evaluated by a certified inspector on September 27, 2017 and accredited by the inspection agency as: 

“Accessibility certified” 

partially accessible for individuals with mobility impairments

partially accessible for individuals with hearing impairments

and may display this certification from November 2017 to October 2020.

Description of the Lutherhaus:

We have compiled some information on accessibility below. See the document “Detailinformationen” (in German only) for detailed descriptions.

  • A designated handicap parking space is available (size: 250 cm x 500 cm; 10 m from the entrance).
  • The surface of the path to the entrance is neither vibration free nor easily walkable and rollable.
  • The building is accessible without stairs.
  • The Lutherhaus consists of a historic half-timbered building and a new building. The exhibition on the mezzanine floor of the historic house is accessible through two doors with widths of 74 cm and 54 cm and a ramp with an incline of 13 %. The width of the door to the small gallery at the end of the corridor is 54 cm.
  • The exhibition in five galleries is designed as a loop. One exhibition gallery on the mezzanine floor and the audio lounge on the top floor are only accessible by steps but have a text panel and a monitor that can be viewed as an alternative.
  • All other doors inspected are at least 90 cm wide (with the exception of the restroom door, which is 86 cm wide).
  • The admissions counter is 90 cm high. Equal communication is possible sitting.
  • All of the rooms usable by guests and inspected are at ground level and accessible by ramp or elevator (with the exception of the gallery on the mezzanine floor and audio lounge, accessible only by steps).
  • Every room relevant to visitors is accessible by elevator.
  • The elevator cab measures 94 cm x 140 cm. The control panel is not mounted horizontally (the control panel height being 95 cm to 115 cm).
  • For the most part, exhibited objects can be viewed and related information read sitting.