The Collect­ions

histo­rische Bibel

It began in 1925 with the “Pro­testant Parso­nage Arch­ive”, which docu­ments the history and develop­ment of the Pro­testant parso­nage and its im­pact on cultural and intel­lectual history in the German speak­ing world. This unique arch­ive has been in the care of the Luther­haus Eisenach since 1956. It was offici­ally do­nated to the Stif­tung Luther­haus Eisenach in 2014 and consti­tutes the most exten­sive part of the museum’s collec­tions.

The heart of the found­ation is the museum’s collec­tion on Martin Luther’s life and im­pact. Origi­nals from seven cen­turies, in­cluding rare histori­cal Bibles from the collec­tion of the former Alten­burg Bible Society, illu­strate the circum­stances, origins and im­pacts of his histori­cally signi­ficant trans­lation of the Bible. The history of the Luther­haus and histori­cal objects docu­menting Luther com­memora­tion are also an im­portant part of the collec­tions.

Apart from an ex­tensive re­search library, the collect­ions in­clude pain­tings, prints, ego-docu­ments, manu­scripts, letters, family re­gisters, medals and small sculp­tures. Over 30,000 pas­tors and their family mem­bers are regis­tered in a bio­graphi­cal name index. It in­cludes pa­stors and their sons and daugh­ters, who made out­standing con­tributi­ons to politics, scholar­ship, cult­ure and society.

The lib­rary, arch­ive and collect­ions are open for re­search. If you are inter­ested, please contact us. We would be glad to help you.

The Lutherhaus

The Luther­haus Eise­nach is one of the oldest and love­liest half-timbered houses in Thurin­gia and one of the most impor­tant tourist attrac­tions in Eise­nach, Martin Luther’s “be­loved city”. Wel­come!

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Permanent Exhibition

Luther, Cranach, Bach – the new per­manent ex­hi­bition “Luther and die Bible” has a lot to offer, in­cluding historic treas­ures, innova­tive ideas and sur­prising in­sights. Ex­perience a fasci­nating ex­hi­bition in a unique historic setting.

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Special ex­hi­bition

Since you have to change to re­main true to your­self, we regu­larly pre­sent new special ex­hi­bitions, which are differ­ent every time and worth seeing every time: From Luther to the pre­sent, based on scholar­ship, engag­ingly pre­sented, and always worth a visit.

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Read­ings and music, plays and lectures, inter­esting and enter­taining facts – we offer lively events re­lated to “Luther” for the general public. Come on by. We look for­ward to seeing you!

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Luther in Eisenach

“No city knows me better,” said Luther about Eise­nach. His family lived her. He atten­ded school here. He trans­lated the New Testa­ment here. These are many good reasons to visit Luther’s “beloved city” and the Luthe­rhaus, of course.

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The Found­ation

The Stif­tung Luthe­rhaus Eise­nach has been guiding the Luther­haus’s destiny since 2013. It is a non-profit found­ation of the Evan­gelical Church in Central Ger­many. Its mission is to ad­vance know­ledge about Luther and the Refor­mation inno­vatively.

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