Special exhibition

“Study and Eradi­cation. The Church’s ‘De­judaization In­sti­tute’, 1939–1945”

Sep­tem­ber 20, 2019 - De­cem­ber 23, 2021

Elev­en re­gional Prot­estant churches es­tab­lished the in­famous “In­sti­tute for the Study and Eradi­cation of Jew­ish In­fluence on Ger­man Church Life” in Ei­senach in May of 1939. The Luther­haus Ei­senach will be ex­ploring this anti-Semitic “De­judaization In­stitute’s” ori­gins and work in a well-ground­ed, compelling and crit­ical spe­cial ex­hi­bition. In the pro­cess, it will also ex­amine the in­stitute’s back­ground and in­tel­lectual roots, the im­pact of its work and the ar­duous path toward schol­arly con­fron­tation of this his­tory after 1945.

The multi­media ex­hi­bition is de­signed to be fully bi­lingual (Ger­man and English) and bar­rier-free. It will be open for viewing dur­ing the Luther­haus’s regu­lar hour until the end of 2021. A com­panion volume to the ex­hi­bition pub­lished in Ger­man and English is avail­able in our mu­seum shop and from our online shop.

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You should plan to spend at least 30 min­utes in the spe­cial ex­hi­bition. The ex­hi­bition is de­signed to be explored independently but you can also book a guided tour from the Luthe­rhaus (per­manent and spe­cial ex­hi­bition) or ex­plore the ex­hi­bition as part of our mu­seum edu­cation pro­gram “Church, Anti-Semitism and ‘De­judaization’”, in­cluding an intro­duction to and a follow-up dis­cussion about the spe­cial ex­hi­bition, for visitors of all age groups. To book a date, contact 

Venue: Luther­haus Ei­senach’s spe­cial ex­hi­bi­tion gal­lery, Luther­platz 8, 99817 Ei­senach

Hours: April-Oc­tober: Wednes­day-Sun­day 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., open on holidays (Limited hours because of the COVID-19 pandemic)
No­vem­ber-March: Tues­day-Sun­day: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed Mon­days.

Com­bined ticket (per­manent and spe­cial ex­hi­bitions): € 8 (€ 6 with dis­count), group ad­mission: € 7 per person (school student group ad­mission: € 4 per per­son), family ad­mission (2 adults with their own children/grand­children 14 or younger): € 16

Spe­cial ex­hi­bition (without the per­manent ex­hi­bition): 4 € (€ 3 with dis­count), group ad­mission: € 3.50 per per­son (school student group ad­mission: € 2.50 per per­son), family ad­mission (2 adults with their own children/grand­children 14 or younger): € 8



The Lutherhaus

The Luther­haus Eise­nach is one of the oldest and love­liest half-timbered houses in Thurin­gia and one of the most impor­tant tourist attrac­tions in Eise­nach, Martin Luther’s “be­loved city”. Wel­come!

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Permanent Exhibition

Luther, Cranach, Bach – the new per­manent ex­hi­bition “Luther and die Bible” has a lot to offer, in­cluding historic treas­ures, innova­tive ideas and sur­prising in­sights. Ex­perience a fasci­nating ex­hi­bition in a unique historic setting.

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Luther in Eisenach

“No city knows me better,” said Luther about Eise­nach. His family lived her. He atten­ded school here. He trans­lated the New Testa­ment here. These are many good reasons to visit Luther’s “beloved city” and the Luthe­rhaus, of course.

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The Stif­tung Luthe­rhaus Eise­nach has been guiding the Luther­haus’s destiny since 2013. It is a non-profit found­ation of the Evan­gelical Church in Central Ger­many. Its mission is to ad­vance know­ledge about Luther and the Refor­mation inno­vatively.

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