Luthers Werkstatt - Museumspädagogik im Lutherhaus Eisenach

Luther's Workshop

Since it is un­fortunate­ly not pos­sible to book our fantastic work­shops at pres­ent because of the Covid-19 pan­demic, cultural edu­cation from the Luther­haus has now gone on­line. You can view our edu­cational videos here on our YouTube channel!

Nu­merous fantastic pro­grams for every age, which you can book, will return to “Luther’s Work­shop” once the pan­demic is over! Use the book­ing form at the bottom of this page. In­forma­tion is avail­able here:


01 | The Printing Press

Buchdruck in Luthers Werkstatt - Foto: Sascha Willms

Luther’s Reformation wouldn’t have been possible without the printing press. How did master print-ers work in those days? You’ll learn the secrets of this old trade and print a page of the Luther Bible yourself on our Gutenberg-printing press. Afterward, you’ll color your print yourself just like medieval manuscript illuminators.

02 | Writing with Pen and Ink

Mit Feder und Tusche schreiben in Luthers Werkstatt - Foto: Sascha Willms

How did people write in the Middle Ages? We’ll show you in Luther’s Workshop! Learn more about old scripts and typefaces and discover Luther’s favorite typeface, “Schwabacher”. Then, you’ll get creative with pen and ink: You’ll be able to collect your work in a special folder from the museum and take it home with you.


03 | School in Luther’s Day

Experience a school lesson in Luther’s day! What did school students learn over 500 years ago? Find out: The “Herr Magister” will teach you himself in our historic classroom. This entertaining glimpse of everyday school life in the waning Middle Ages is great fun for school students and grownups.

04 | Worksheets

Do you want to explore the Lutherhaus on your own? Great idea! Our exploration worksheets with three difficulty levels will help you. The Lutherhaus Owl will guide you through the museum and ask tricky questions. Download the worksheets here and bring a printed copy with you. You may also purchase them at the admissions counter for fifty cents apiece.

Booking requests

Fees for programs 01 - 03:

€ 70 for one group of school students or confirmands
€ 90 for one group of adults
The fee includes materials.

Fee for program 04:

The fee is calculated from discounted “school group” admission to the permanent exhibition. You must register for this program in advance using the booking form.

Register at least two week prior to the date you wish to book.

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Direct any questions to:

Alexandra Husemeyer

Lutherplatz 8, 99817 Eisenach

T: +49 (0) 36 91 29 83-26
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Delays and Cancellations

In the event of a delay of 20 minutes or less, the length of the course you booked will be shortened. If your group is delayed by 20 minutes or more, the course you booked will be canceled and the full fee will be forfeited.

A cancelation fee will not be charged for cancellations made 48 hours before the start of a course. 50% of the fee will be charged for cancellations made 24 hours before the start of a course. The full fee will be charged for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of a course.