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The cen­turies have taken their toll: mold, acidic paper, dam­age and in­correct stor­age. The Luther­haus’s valuable histori­cal collect­ions need your help!

The estab­lish­ment of the Stift­ung Luther­haus Eise­nach marked the commence­ment of an ex­tensive pro­gram to pre­serve and con­serve our unique collec­tions. In a first step, the collec­tions of the Luther­haus Eise­nach were placed in a modern arch­ive facility in 2014 where they are stor­ed opti­mally. We are now doing every­thing in our power to con­serve our treas­ures in order to preserve them for future genera­tions. Since we will not be able to com­plete this Hercu­lean task on our own, we need your sup­port!

Do­nations / Donors:

Would you like to sup­port the Luther­haus Eise­nach? Then you are in the right place! There are many opport­unities to sup­port our work: with dona­tions, endow­ments, gifts or be­quests. We would be happy to ad­vise you perso­nally and dis­creetly.

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Con­servation / Be­come a Spon­sor:

Help us pre­serve pre­cious cultu­ral heri­tage for poster­ity! The Luther­haus’s collec­tions contain many items that need to be pro­tected and con­served.

Would you like a per­sonal ex­hi­bition ob­ject? Would you like to sup­port a very spe­cific pro­ject? Be­come a public or anony­mous indi­vidual, group or com­pany spon­sor. We’ll find the right ob­ject or pro­ject for you!

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